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Adhesives E-Bond LC Bisico

E-Bond LC_Instructions for use GB SDB E-Bond-LC E-Bond LC is a self-etching, light-curing one- component adhesive and can be used

Complete denture prosthetics Impression silicones S4 Bisico

Technical data

Consistency: light Colour (A/B): white/blue Linear shrinkage: < 0.1% Mixing time: 30 sec. Working time(incl. mixing time): 2:30 min. Setting time in the mouth: < 3 min. Final hardness: approx. 50 Shore A Standard: ISO 4823, Typ 3, low viscosity

Composites Bisico® Bulk Fill

Bisico®Bulk Fill_Instruction for use SDB BISICO Bulk-Fill-englisch-Rev.1 The all-rounder with perfect flow properties. Bisico® Bulk Fill is our new flowable

Composites Micro Esthetic flow-viscous Bisico

IFU_Micro Esthetic flow-viscous/Gingiva SDB BISICO Micro Esthetik flow viscous-englisch-Rev.4 Micro esthetic flow-viscous is a flowable, highly viscous, highly radiopaque (210%

Composites Micro Esthetic Startset Bisico


Komposite u Adhaesive:
Set: 6 x 5 g syringes, colors, Etch, Bond LC

Composites and Adhesives Adhesives E-Bond DC Bisico

E-Bond DC_Instructions for use GB SDB E-Bond-DC E-Bond DC is a self-etching and dual-curing bonding system which is easy to

Composites and Adhesives Adhesives Bond LC Bisico

Bond LC_Instructions for use GB SDB Bond-LC Bond LC is a light-curing one-component priming and bonding system which is easy

Composites and Adhesives Adhesives Multi Repair Set Bisico

Multi Repair Set_Instructions for use GB SDB Muti Repair Bond GB SDB Multi Repair Opaquer GB SDB Multi Repair Primer

Composites and Adhesives Adhesives Best Etch Bisico

Best Etch_Instructions for use GB SDB Best Etch Best etch is an etching gel with excellent thixotropic properties and is

Composites and Adhesives Light-curing composites Micro Esthetic Gingiva Bisico

Flyer Micro Esthetic Gingiva IFU_Micro Esthetic flow-viscous/Gingiva Micro Esthetic Gingiva is a light curing, flowable and gingival colored composit for

Composites Micro Esthetic Bisico

Micro Esthetic_Instructions for use SDB BISICO Micro Esthetik-englisch-Rev.5 Light-curing microhybrid composite. Micro Esthetic is suitable for all kinds of restorations

Composites Nanofill flow Bisico

SDB BISICO Nanofill flow-englisch-Rev.5 Nanofill flow_Instructions for use Based on nanotechnology, Nanofill flow is a flowable, light-curing filling material for